Who we are

We are a Bulgarian-based company, aiming to expand and improve the domestic and international IT market. Through incorporating our IT Academy, IT Recruitment Agency, and IT Outsourcing Services, we strive to provide maximum value for all stakeholders.

What we do

Through our Recruitment Agency, we are able to quickly get access to skilled professionals according to our client’s requirements. After locating the right specialists, we build a team specifically designed to fit your needs.

The team would be under your control and would deliver to you and only to you. Ensuring transparent communication, you will manage the team, set deadlines, and expect results.

Skillo will monitor the delivery process and assist with resolving issues, should any occur.

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Our team

Get to know us

We are here to provide you with suitable experts to raise your projects and ensure they match your expectations.

Petar Milev


Hjusein Tjurkmen


Kaloyan Velichkov

Project Manager

Maksim Atanasov

Recruitment Team Lead

Teodora Kotseva

Senior Recruiter


Our Clients

Skillo’s ambition is to assemble and outsource the best possible IT team for the individual client’s needs.

We are entirely engaged with delivering the most suitable professionals for your project.

Ranging from Junior Specialists to Managers, Skillo is dedicated to providing our client base with value-oriented coordinated assistance to outsource your work to experts. For more information, check out the FAQ page.

Having the chance to communicate intensively with Skillo recruiters, I’ve taken notice of their dedication to each individual case, diligence and patience to clarify each position specifics, readiness to provide additional information when it’s needed, and flexibility in any unforeseen situation. Moreover, they show great understanding of our day to day challenges and support us with advices and valuable information about the workforce market and its dynamics

Diana Petrova, RISCO Group

I would recommend Skillo due to their deep knowledge of the IT sector, understanding оf the clients’ needs, focus on quality not quantity, transparent and clear communication as well as supportive and proactive attitude

Kameliya Atanasova, Pontica Solutions

Skillo truly delivered on their promise of providing us with adequate candidates, filling three out of four positions we provided them with in less than a single month. They were very interested in Software Group’s story, current state, vision, and culture, and the specifics of the roles we asked them to help us fill, so that our potential candidates can get the best possible picture of our company and environment. They showed great dedication and attention to detail, which is not only admirable, but rarely seen with external recruitment agencies, a focus I can only accredit to great work ethics and the technical background of Skillo as an organization.

Bozhana Marinova, Software Group
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Contact us

If you are in need for proper talent at affordable prices, without the need to expand your infrastructure, send us an inquiry. We will get back to you shortly with more information and proposition.

There is no such thing as talent shortage, you just need to contact the right people!

All you need to do is describe your necessities, Skillo will do the rest.