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Contact us and go through these easy steps to get the right personnel on board:

  • 1. You design your ideal candidate according to projects specifics
  • 2. Our experts locate suitable candidates based on your description and provide you with their profiles
  • 3. You interview all shortlisted candidates to double check their suitability and propose an offer to the ones you like
  • 4. Following contract signing, the IT experts start delivering for your project

We ensure the following additional benefits:

Locate Talent

Following submission of your desired candidate profile, we match its characteristics to the local talent pool. We test their abilities and interview them to further portray their strengths.

Ensure Proper Environment

Skillo assists in building a seamless environment for both the candidates and you. We mediate between the two parties providing both with the necessary circumstances to commence work.

Project Work

Following contract signing, our team monitors the ongoing work, making sure progress is made according to the specified timetables.

We Overcome

Talent Scarcity in Your Area

The Bulgarian IT community market is vast and composed of a plethora of specialist. The Skillo team will find your much desired professionals and send them to you!

It does not matter if you are a start-up or an already established company. We will provide you with the necessary personnel to develop your product with minimum effort and maximum results..

Take a glimpse at some of Bulgaria’s talents:

.NET Developer

Skilled in languages such as C# and various databases, the .NET developer will create applications, provide user support, and configure already existing systems. Working closely with the internal team, they will swiftly assist in designing, developing, and maintaining software.

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Manual QA

Relying on their solid QA experience, hands-on automation skills, strong communication and organization skills, our Manual QAs will succeed in easily evaluating your product and make it better.

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Java Developer

Designing and developing solutions for Java-based applications, these experts will participate in software and architectural development activities. Improving UX, proposing new business solutions, and supporting the overall structure are amongst their main duties and competencies.

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DevOps Engineer

Their main purpose is simplifying the software development processes. By building, testing, and maintaining the tools and overall infrastructure, they enable the swift advancement and release of different software features.

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Python Developer

Skilled in developing back-end logics and components, connecting applications with web services, and supporting front-end development through consistent integration of through Python applications. These specialists write and redesign codes and scripts, application interfaces, and websites.

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Full-Stack Developer

Ensuring both front-and-back-end coding, these specialists are responsible for optimizing UX, server development, coding mobile and web applications, and ensuring database functionalities.

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PHP Developer

Responsible for designing back-end components, supporting front-end developers, and connecting applications with web services.

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JavaScript Developer

Working with websites, developing front-end applications for both mobile and web, and producing code for overall style enhancement are amongst the key responsibilities of this type of software engineers.

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